Tuesday, April 19, 2011

social hour(s)

our wonky-legged buddy got to hang out with a bunch more humans a couple days ago. he met his aunt shelly, aunt janie, and uncle tim. (he also met his aunt bena and DBFF kona, but we'll get to that a bit later.)

they ran around outside with him and played with his fun new wubba for a while, but the crappy weather soon led us all indoors where someone performed some very low-budget tricks in exchange for treats (including carrots, which mr. d liked quite a bit). he then had to put up with all of us for the next bunch of hours while we had many loud conversations around him as he tried to get some sleep. eventually, he took a time-out right along with one of our guests.

little did he know he was in for even more excitement and disruption of his daily napping schedule the next day, when he got to play with his new friend kona! daddy brought home some more toys, just for the occasion.

squeaky tennis balls

he seemed to like these and even carried one around in his mouth for a bit

a bone chew toy that you can fill with water. he enjoyed it in the house.

when we took it outside and filled it with water, he was uninterested. go figure.

when kona got there, the two of them started checking each other out and playing right away--their mommies couldn't even get the leashes off before the pups were jumping around. they ran and ran and played with toys and climbed on each other and took a rest right on top of one of our plants and drank each other's water and all that fun stuff.

kona was definitely trying to be the HBIC, but when we decided to go to the dog run on a whim, she got a taste of her own medicine.

random doggie telling kona what's up

but kona's not the only one who attracted attention. desmond got his fair share of climbers and sniffers, and the same pup who made kona submit took his shot with demsond, too.

everyone's the same color--this is why dogs need clothes
for the most part, kona and desmond ran around and had fun exploring a new place, new people, and new dogs. we're pretty sure our boy was the fastest pup in there!
as aunt bena would say, "greetings and salutations!"

des running on the left; kona running on the right

des in mid-prance

he really liked the ramp

so nice to see him running and jumping

let's all sniff around for other doggies' pee

kona making friends with a very calm beagle

hanging out

des looking back at me like, "mom! enough with the camera!"

some pooped pups! bena got to enjoy some lap time with kona as des rested on kona's bum. desmond was still so tired the next morning, i had to practically carry him out of the house for his walk.

all in all, lots of fun, and i was pleasantly surprised by the humans at the dog run. some of them most definitely did not belong in there, because they were too nervous about their dog getting hurt or hurting someone. why would you even try to go, if that's how you're going to be? i don't understand this. i'm a nervous nellie, but i'm still all about this experience for desmond. it's great for him, and i know the difference between dog play and dog fight--these people really should, too. joey and i will absolutely be taking our furry son back there soon and we hope kona comes back, too!
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