Thursday, April 21, 2011

our gardener should be fired

granted, the work is cheap (as in FREE), but you always get what you pay for, don't you?

for 21 days, he ignored the plant entirely. wtf?

daddy let him know that it is not OK to trim the foliage while we are out, and desmond got all guilty and sad about it, but soon went back to his busy schedule of napping. i guess all that chewing/pulling/playing tired him out. 

desmond, anytime you wanna do this all day long, you just go right ahead

he's done something small/semi-harmless like this every day this week. (and before you make assumptions, yes, that plant is nontoxic to dogs.) i still think he's doing these things more or less right away after we leave, and not out of boredom--we give him lots to do--though it makes me want to set up a video camera and spy on him.  

then again, this is the kind of stuff that our trainer says will stop happening by the time he is done training desmond/me/joey. yup--we hired a trainer. more on that soon enough!

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