Thursday, April 7, 2011

our creepy-footed kangaroo

desmond has some funky feet, and his back legs are fairly wonky. the Ruff House staff thinks this is partially a result of his early days cramped in a small cage and partially a result of his strange DNA.

hey ladies, check out my long, slender toes

hard to capture the wonkiness on camera, but it's there
do not be deceived by his strange body parts and inclination to sleep all day and night! the boy is a jumper. and not only is he a jumper, but he is determined--to be wherever we are.

meaning: that little gate up there? yeah. not tall enough. joey and i took a total of two weeks off from work (five days each, alternating) so that we could acclimate desmond to his new home. part of this process is us leaving him alone for increasing periods of time in hopes that he won't totally freak out when we both go back to work. we knew from the start that he has separation anxiety, poor guy. this process is very stressful for all of us, but it must be done. so, off we went to the grocery store. for 20 minutes. and where did desmond go? hurdled the fence to make it into the kitchen, so he could go sit at our back door and wait for us there. crazy dog.

take two:

 ha! we've got you now!

the first two times i left him behind this gate--for about a half hour each time--he was found quietly chillin' in his bed upon return, didn't make a peep or move a muscle as i returned and went up the stairs to the door and opened the door and walked in the house. i actually had a slight heart attack, assuming it was quiet because he had crazed himself to death. granted, once there was pee on the floor, but he seemed to have been fine after however much time. other than his chewing...

we noticed the chewing right away and tried the tabasco trick

and it's not like he doesn't have a bunch of other things to chew on, but whatever. OK, we'll wait it out. see what happens. eliminate things he's chewing on or douse hot sauce on them. he's also a bit of a scratcher, though that may have a lot to do with his eagle talons (we're getting them cut at the vet very soon).

do you think he'll repaint the moldings for us, or is that asking too much?
still, it's all a matter of trial and error, right? right. our next error? thinking he would stay behind that tall gate. i think i mentioned that he's determined to be wherever we are...

i left for 45 minutes. pulled car in, got groceries out, went to door. no noise again, just like the other times. but then i can't open the door, because his towel and leash (which we hang by the door) were on the floor blocking my way, so i knew he was there. he still didn't make a peep or jump or anything. he wasn't going nuts because i was home again (i find this very odd--it's great, of course, but so strange). 

i let him know i was mad (even though i was also kind of amazed/impressed) and what does he do? head down, walks into the dark bedroom and lays down on his blanket with his turtle (whom, by the way, we are calling Molly, as in Molly Jones). then he just stays there as i proceed to make a bunch of phone calls and survey the area. he didn't touch a single thing in the kitchen--and there is plenty of stuff he could get into, seeing as how we assumed he was safely behind his tall gate.

at first i thought he peed in the dining room again, but it turned out to be just his water that he knocked over, so that's also great as far as i'm concerned. and now we're totally convinced that he just does not want to be contained at all and doesn't like the gates.

they look nice, but perhaps tip over too easily

so, into the kitchen he'll go. we'll put that gate on the stairs just in case. not that i think he'll go up there--he hates stairs, especially those, and even when we are up there and he wants to follow, he does it kind of begrudgingly (like we're making him come up against his will or something. dummy.)--so i feel like he'll probably never go up, but that's where we put all of the breakables, etc., that we removed from the dining room, so why chance it?

after we know that he's fine being in the dining room and kitchen (we'll close the bathroom and spare-room doors), we'll eventually let him go into the living room, too. he loves the couch, so maybe he won't even stay by the door really and he'll just go pass out on the couch. we'll see. baby-proofing of the kitchen has commenced...

hopefully, this is in our future

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