Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mini photo break

desmond fully enjoyed his human cousin and will be a superb baby guard when the time comes at the forge house (photo credit: j. menzer)
desmond does not appreciate being handed an empty plate, even if it is his cute new friend giving it to him (photo credit: j. menzer)

daddy & a very very pooped desmond (photo credit: j. menzer)

guarding his new monkey. our friend & cousin jamie gave this monkey to desmond, but i have no idea if we should call her cousin jamie or aunt jamie, based on my original theories. i am inclined to go with cousin jamie, since my actual human child will be jamie's cousin. all that being said, i have fully confused myself and, likely, you. (photo credit: j. menzer)

enjoying the sun at the waterfront (yes, that's his happy face)

enjoying the unkempt spring grass in our yard

desmond & his car buddy, kona

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