Tuesday, April 5, 2011

let's back it up

we're going to try and update this on a daily basis, though it will probably be closer to a few times a week. we should have started this last week, but we didn't. oh well.

we've wanted to adopt a dog for many, many years. we thought he'd be smallish, scruffy, older. or we had specific breeds in mind: beagle, English springer spaniel, long-haired dachshund, basset hound, Lab, basenji, Italian greyhound. or we were just going to pick the doggie who spoke to us most at the shelter on the day we were ready to bring someone home with us. the one thing we both fully agreed on was that the dog would not be a puppy.

that went out the window.

on one of our first visits, in front of Ruff House

or it mostly went out the window, as desmond is about 13 months old (and may actually be older by a month or two), but he sure does act like a puppy in a lot of ways. also, a cat. also, a baby. also, a wuss. and, sometimes, a kangaroo. he certainly has surprised mom and dad quite a bit.

we brought him home on a friday evening, and he seemed to get comfortable pretty quickly, even while i was taking his picture furiously. i feel confident that a great help to him was the fact that husband and i visited him at the shelter for two weeks before we actually took him home. we walked him a bunch of times, so he already knew us a bit when we packed him into the ol' Malibu.

devil dog? no. but now i'm hungry...

that first night was quite an experience. here's what i learned:

1. desmond loves love. dude slept for an hour and then woke us up to be loved and then would go back to sleep. must break that pattern, especially because it resulted in joey sleeping on the floor next to him for a while.
2. the symphony of husband's snoring and dog's loud exhaling is definitely not a symphony in the traditional sense.
3. i need to stop looking at him all the time, or i'm never going to get anything productive done.
4. dogs can sound like pigs, dragons, horses, and whiny children.
5. my floors are like ice rinks for paws.
6. it's hard to type with a dog on your elbow, licking your hand.
7. when i am a baby-momma, i'm going to be a basket case. basket. case.

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