Tuesday, April 19, 2011

desmond's a champ!

we scoured the house for damage and other surprises when we got home last night--and found nothing!

or, we think we found nothing. there are some bite marks on the door frame around the outside of the bathroom door that we aren't 100% positive about. we honestly can't remember if they were there already from the day he chewed up the frame around the spare-room door, but even if they are new marks, it's a much smaller amount of damage than anything we've previously found. and it's not like we won't have the wood putty out anyway...

some more good news came in after joey got back from desmond's evening walk: our prancie-pants pup did such a lovely job out there that a man pulled his car over to ask joey if he was a professional trainer. that's all joey and his cesar-approved calm-assertive energy. i need to get some of that!

although, he's not usually bad on our walks either. i'm sure that some of his stubbornness in the mornings is because it's 5:30. he's probably like, "crazy lady: it's way too freakin early for this." but lately we've been doing more running and jogging than walking. my goal is to have us get to a point where we are running the whole time, but right now he seems to get tired and i find myself having to slow down. sometimes he gets a burst of energy and then i have to keep up with him, but it's great exercise for us both.

unfortunately, i may need to get a fanny pack or something, because i'm not going to be wearing a jacket and jeans for much longer, and i will be in serious need of pockets. i'm sure there's some products out there for people who go running with their dogs. not to mention the fact that i'll have to truly consider those mosquito-repellent shirts and pants, because i won't really be able to coat myself with bug spray before we go out (time constraints, uncomfortable for running, he'll lick it right off me). wonder if those things really work or if i'll just be another sucker.
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