Wednesday, April 13, 2011

desmond's big weekend

our pretty boy has been quite a little rock star. his behavior when we leave the house has been near angelic ever since we removed the gates from the living room and the dining room. we do have the stairs gated off and the office gated off, but so far that hasn't been a problem. i think he's actually smart enough to realize that if he jumps over the gate on the stairs, he's going to have great difficulty on the other side. then again, we can probably assume he's not done surprising us just yet. we still haven't left him for more than like three hours, but we're getting there.

we recently had desmond do some socializing. he met lots of people and a few doggies--he even got to play with one of them and acted like a real dog multiple times.

gratuitous desmond picture #1

on saturday morning, we took him to the vet for a well checkup. he was awesome in the waiting room, saying hi to the other doggies--even the ones who were not so great themselves. he spent most of his time until we went in chewing on a treat that the receptionist gave him and slobbering all over the floor. like so...

exhibits A & B

inside the office was not his favorite place to be, but he did so much better than i expected him to, even with the two shots he got (preparing for all the time he'll be spending outside at home and in gilboa). and he gained three pounds already! only five more to go. what a life he has: your mission is to gain eight pounds. we should all be so lucky.

later in the day, we drove out to rocky point for my little cousin's third birthday party, and desmond was, once again, a lovely dog. he's a dream in the car, just totally chills out and goes to sleep. he's only mildly interested in having his nose out the window, but i hope he starts doing it more, because i would love to look out the side mirror and see his cute face enjoying the breeze.

gratuitous desmond picture #2

at the party, he met lots of kids and adults and his cousin mozart, the pomeranian. mozart is a bit of a crazy doggie. he barks a lot, especially when people ring the bell or arrive through any of the various doors. and desmond, as we know, is not the biggest fan of barking dogs. but after their initial somewhat-crazed meeting, they both relaxed and sniffed around each other's bodies, and then it was playtime.

well, actually, it's more like then it was time for desmond to chase mozart around the house until mozart could find a spot small enough for him to get into and keep desmond out of. i think someone's going to love the dog run when we finally get over there... unfortunately, i was so concerned with making sure everyone and everything was OK when all this running around was going on that i forgot to take any pictures. though, they were dashing around so fast, i probably would have needed to video it.

most surprisingly, our lazy dog did not even attempt to jump up onto my aunt's couch or nuzzle into anyone's nap. he did follow us around a lot when we were on the move, but he mostly just relaxed on his blanket in a corner while people came over to love him. and how could you not?

now, just like any other time in life when you are going through a major experience (wedding, house buying, pregnancy, etc.), people seem to think it's totally cool to just put their two cents in about the proper way to raise/train/treat a dog. your dog. their opinion--your dog. in some cases, i have reached out for tips/advice; so of course, then i'll take all the cents you have. otherwise, perhaps i'd prefer less unsolicited input, if only for my own sanity.

i would love to have a shorter working day. i would love to have a shorter commute. i would love to be home all damn day long, baking pies and sewing dress shirt buttons back on and cooking extravagant dinners and laundering underwear and raising dogs and babies and donning my finest heels while i mop the floors. but i have to work if i want to live in my house and eat food and have heat and light and whatnot.

i highly doubt that joey and i are the first people in the world who have had a dog and needed to go to work. yes, we are gone for more than eight hours--obviously, seeing as how a working day is that long and we do not yet have the ability to teleport. and, yes, it sucks that the dog has to be home alone all that time, but as long as you make the dog's environment the best it can be and give him some things to keep him busy, nothing all that awful is going to happen to mr. doggie. and isn't he better off alone in your living room than crammed into a crate at a shelter? or worse?

still, i had to endure what was practically a lecture about how that's way too long to leave a dog alone and we have to hire someone to come walk the dog in the middle of the day or we have to install a doggie door (just like they have). i should have asked this woman to write me a check on the spot for a mid-day dog walker, if she was so insistent, because she clearly thinks we are rich.

maybe she thinks we live in the boonies, like she does, and can install a doggie door. there is absolutely no way this is an option for us. first of all, the kangaroo would jump right over the brand-new, very expensive, five-foot fence in the front of our property. second of all, even if the fence were a full six feet like it is around the sides, desmond would go berserk out there or find a way to catapult himself to the other side. our block is pretty busy and our house is right next to a park. adults, kids, dogs, cars, trucks, motorcycles, cyclists, postal workers, etc., are coming and going all day long. i think he's better off snoring on our couch.

then again, am i wrong? is desmond going to be home alone for too long? wasn't he already being left alone for too long at the shelter? aren't other dogs left alone for this amount of time? am i totally crazy? should i have told this woman to stuff it? should i be interviewing dog walkers and adding more ramen to my diet? this is, by far, the hardest part for me: all the second guessing.

gratuitous desmond picture #3, because i'd rather leave on a happy note
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