Wednesday, April 27, 2011

desmond & nala & stuff

nala is the rhodesian ridgeback puppy cousin who belongs to joey's sis & her fiancé. nala is 7 months old. nala is huge. nala is FULL of energy. nala is actually only five pounds or so heavier than desmond (hard to believe, especially when you compare the size of their butts!). nala is totally adorable, even if she is too much for poor mr. sleepypants to handle. the two got along great, though they are not quite on the same page in regards to enjoyable activities, and desmond was such a trooper through a long day away from his home, outside, on concrete, being chased by a crazy giant puppy. i think he got back at her just a little bit when he stole away her chew treat that grandpa bought. grandpa gave one to each of them, of course, but nala was too slow with hers and desmond seized the day. he did let her eat her special easter cookie that we brought from the barkery pretty much without harassment. good boy!

that's nala in the back, which seems obvious to me, but you never know

snack time with grandpa! also, put-freshly-cleaned-bed-back-together time for nala's daddy. she didn't do so well on the car ride down to queens from goshen. poor nala. and poor jen's original outfit.


here's a good shot of desmond's wonky legs, by the way

treats! thanks mom/aunt jen!

no, desmond, you cannot eat the whole bag

watching nala lie down

a walk to the park--that didn't allow dogs. :-( "hi cousin desmond!! hi! hi! hi! wanna play?????? let's play! can we play when we get to the park? can we play now? wanna chase birds? let's run somewhere!"

"no, cousin nala. aren't you tired? we've been out all day. is this walk over yet? sheesh."

on another note, i finally sat down last night to work on posting about the first training session and some additional minor damage that desmond did last week, but a) the trainer came early and b) i had photo-uploading difficulties. so, this is what you're stuck with for now. i should be all fixed up tonight.

when i do post about the training, it will be far less exciting than you're expecting, i assume. the lessons are basic obedience training, but the commands are taught in a specific way. so, it may seem dumb to you. it may seem like, um, anyone can do that. i kind of agree, seeing as how we were making progress with him on certain things; but i mostly disagree, seeing as how the things he "learned" were being performed perfectly only 50% of the time. i'm glad--very glad--to have the help. and desmond's a quick study. he did great the first time around with the "sitting and walking" lesson and even better at last night's "sit-stay" lesson. in no time we'll have him fetching us beer and switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

on another additional note, he was an angel again on monday and tuesday while we were at work. he definitely moves things around--the couch and console table are always askew (the couch has migrated a good foot from its position the day he came home with us)--and enjoys lounging on various surfaces (dining room bed, living room chair, couch). he also has been doing a lot of exploring and playing with his toys, which i like to credit (discredit??) to our hiding treats around the rooms for him to find all day (yeah right. he finds them in like 10 minutes. he's already on a mission before we're out the door.). we have been finding toys strewn about the three rooms, and we noticed that he located my snuggie, which is folded up in a box/basket that we keep under the console table behind the couch. he didn't do anything to it except try to pull it out from the box, unsuccessfully, but i love that he wants to get all up on my snuggie. because everyone loves a snuggie, am i right? plus, it smells like me, so obviously it's a little slice of heaven right there in the living room.

no, i do not have one of these, but you have to know i want one, right?
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