Thursday, April 21, 2011

cleaning with desmond

one day, while husband was doing some cleaning, he decided to see how desmond would react to the scooba. we both assumed, based on skinny butt's usual temperament, that he would either be totally frightened of it or completely oblivious. and never did we consider the idea that he would dislike scooba in an "attack" way. he landed somewhere in the middle of all that.

"stop looking at me, swan!"
he showed interest, observed and stalked the floor-washing robot calmly, then got bored and went back to sleep on the couch.

comfortable position, no?
i had really been hoping that he would do something cool and/or funny with/to the scooba. kind of like what happens in this video of not my dog:

oh well. at least cleaning is easy without having to console a crazy dog.

sometimes what gets cleaned is something of his. when we do this, it disrupts his beauty rest. (all these shots were taken before we took the gate down, obviously. what can i say? i'm slow.)

giving the "where the hell is my nuddle and why aren't you on the couch?" face

not quite as soft or large as the nuddle, but easier to move around--and therefore to burrow into

a few minutes later, he flipped around into what i call his "sideways sit" position, and i felt compelled to try and tuck him in a little for a good nap

later still... "ask me if i care about your stay-on-the-towel rule."

once desmond starts rolling around on the couch like that, he often finds a way to roll himself right off. the first few times, he would simply fall on the floor and be all confused about what had happened, especially if he had been sleeping. he has since figured out how to catch himself. like so...

"oh, darn--down here again."

"may as well make the most of it and go for a little walk."

"but first i think i'll use the couch for stretching leverage. oh, yeah... that's the stuff. hey, mom, when are we joining that yoga class?"
(apologies for the awful photo quality here--i was just snapping away, trying to capture it all without thinking about adjusting settings.)
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