Friday, April 15, 2011

aunts & uncles

i fully intend to refer to our friends as desmond's aunts and uncles. yes, i realize this is somewhat ridiculous. you'll also likely find it ridiculous that i think this practice rather creepy/odd/confusing when it comes to humans, and i hope to avoid it later in life. but my pup gets to "enjoy" this "privilege" mostly because i find it amusing.

aunt jenn and uncle sean came over to meet him last friday, and they brought a new toy. he's been a little uninterested in his toys in the sense that he'll play with them for a couple minutes and then go back to sleeping on the couch. it's almost like he doesn't really know what to do with them, and maybe that's a result of his having been living in a cage for so much of his life. or maybe he just thinks the toys we got him are lame. all i know is that he loved mr. piggy and very quickly loved mr. piggy to the poor guy's detriment.

once again, he went straight for the eyes.

and then the tail. now that there's a hole in the butt, we hide treats in there for him. insert jokes here...

and he was, of course, great with his new friends. he was also a great comedian. sean thought it would be fun (and it was) to begin making pretty realistic barking noises, and desmond jumped off the couch and ran toward the back door and barked his head off like someone was trying to break in or something. when real dogs on the street bark right at him, he cries and runs away--but when a human fake barks, he's ready to protect the pack. silly puppy.

you may have noticed that i referred to mozart the pomeranian as desmond's cousin. this is because mozart is my aunt & uncle's dog a.k.a. their furry son. the sons and daughters of my aunts and uncles are my cousins, and when i have a non-furry child of my own, he or she will be the cousin of my cousins in that second cousin/cousin once removed way that no one really understands except for genealogists. this dog-to-dog connection makes sense to me.

my friends' dogs, however, are where i come to an impasse with my contradictory logic. calling them cousins doesn't feel quite right, but i do strongly feel that these particular dogs should be noted as more than just a dog on the street, at the park, or in petco that we greet with sniffs and snorts.

desmond will contemplate this while he chews his bone
consider the comments section a virtual suggestion box and help me figure out how to honor our doggie BFFs. 
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